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About Evoke Tree Houses

Evoke Treehouses is a treehouse construction business based in Welwyn Garden City, UK.


We specialise in taking affordable yet somewhat humble, traditional wooden playhouses and Wendy Houses and elevating them to new heights. We reimagine dreams and craft adventurous treehouses that bring joy and wonder to all who experience them.

The Evoke Treehouse journey

AGE 13

Fort Crescent Created A Dream

Our founder, Billy Ryan, built his very first treehouse, “Fort Crescent,” at the age of 13, igniting a lifelong passion for crafting enchanting treehouses for children.


An Idea Was Formed

In 2023, Billy used his tree-related expertise to explore how every child may have access to a magical hideaway. The idea of elevating conventional wooden playhouses started to take shape.


Evoke Tree Houses Is Born

Fast forward to 2024 and Evoke Tree Houses was formalised, bringing Billy’s dream to life. The mission to inspire a lifelong love for the outdoors while creating cherished childhood memories in the treetops, began.

Treehouse Carpenter at Work in a Workshop, removing plywood from a metal rack.

Sitting up in a tree, everything in life takes on a different hue...

...It’s as if we’re transported back to our own childhood.

Unlocking memories of back when we were the young ones climbing those branches, feeling like we could touch the sky. Watching our own kids, perched 6 feet above the ground, they suddenly tower over us, breaking free from our grasp, and experiencing a newfound sense of freedom that goes beyond simply retreating to their bedroom and closing the door.

Rope Course in Summer Camp with a young boy wearing a safety helmet about to cross a rope bridge like those found on treehouses or in trees.

Adventurous Designs

Carpenter' hands, close up, depicting our commitment to bespoke and handmade treehouses.

​Bespoke and Handmade

Adventure isn't just a choice; it's our DNA. We're not your average treehouse builders; we're a squad of seasoned Tree Surgeons in Welwyn Garden City – or big kids with a passion for making the seemingly straightforward reimagination of wooden playhouse, possible.

From climbing trees to creating adventurous spaces, our team are on this mission to echo the daring spirit of our own inner adventurers.

It's not just the sawdust in our hair; it's our ability to blend the expertise needed to erect a playhouse in a tree, with a deep understanding of the biology and mechanics of trees. This means we can ensure harmonious coexistence between your tree and the treehouse we're about to create. Because what's a treehouse if it's not designed to stand the test of time, becoming a cherished haven for generations?

​No project is too big or small for us, and we are always up for a challenge. We are fuelled by the thrill of taking a traditional playhouse and turning it into a treehouse and adventurous area that not only meet but surpass your every expectation.

Our passion for creating unique, innovative structures has led us to branch out (pun intended!) into other fun projects, from play areas to exciting adventure equipment.

The first step! Meet your family and discuss the range of wooden playhouses and accessories we supply, and how we'll construct this in your trees or on a bespoke, raised platform for the little and big kids of the house.​​

We use materials from sustainable sources and plan well to minimise our waste.

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