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Freestanding Treehouses

Have you ever considered purchasing a wooden playhouse only to question if your children will quickly outgrow or get tired of it?

Are you without a tree? Not to worry, we’ve got your child's next adventure covered with a freestanding treehouse.

Adventurous play and exploration doesn't have to be confined to gardens with trees. All we need is a spot to place some stilts and construct a platform - ideally, near some established hedges to create a hidden den.

We Supply Affordable Wooden Playhouses 

Made from FSC-certified Wood Products

And Construct Stilts and a Raised Platform

A bold typography graphic in black and white with the words "Never Stop Exploring" to symbolise Evoke Treehouses commitment to creating adventurous treehouses.

No tree? No problem! We're not just builders; we're dream architects...

...who elevate your child's castle on wooden stilts and a raised platform. 

We take the familiar wooden playhouse you know and love, infusing it with a dose of awe-inspiring elevation. Picture this – beneath your child's elevated retreat, a world of possibilities unfolds. We can incorporate storage or log sheds, secret dens, rope swings, and climbing walls seamlessly integrate into the surrounding space, creating a holistic play environment.

How it works


Take A Look At Our Range

Have you got the perfect tree in mind? If so, we've probably got the perfect wooden playhouse which we can reimagine into a treehouse. Remember, this is your adventurous play space, make it your own with accessories.


We'll Arrange a Free Consultation

Complete our quick and easy form and we will give you a call to initially discuss your treehouse project (feel free to ask all your family to join the call) and then we'll arrange a free visit to your location to ensure your vision can be achieved.


You Enjoy Your New Treehouse

Once your order is in place, accessories and budget agreed, its time to build. At this point we set a build date and take a 50% non-refundable deposit. This secures your treehouse, and ensures we have your commitment.

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Treehouse and Den Building Accessories

Adding unique and inventive accessories to your child's treehouse can enhance their play experience and expand their imagination to other places of the garden, magical lands, or outer space.

But why should kids have all the fun? 

Store logs, bikes, or garden furniture in the space beneath your treehouse. We can make this place exactly what you want.

Coming Soon

Accessories For All Kinds Of Adventures

Bespoke Spaces Created Beneath

Extend Play With Climbing Walls and Ropes

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