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Our Range of Treehouses

Get ready to take your imagination to new heights with our range of Treehouses. We are passionate about providing affordable options for children to explore and foster their creativity. Our bespoke designs offer the same sense of wonder and adventure as pricier options that can cost upwards of £20,000.


Take a look at our collection today and bring your child's dream treehouse to life.

We Supply Affordable Wooden Playhouses 

Made from FSC-certified Wood Products

And Turn Them Into Adventurous Treehouses

Prices (supplied and installed)

Freestanding from £2499

Treehouse from £3999

Wooden playhouse Butterfly XL incl. slide

Product Description

This XL wooden playhouse is ideal for big and little kids to enjoy as a treehouse, whether constructed within your trees or on a raised platform, as shown. Consisting of a main play house with an extension and wraparound balcony, the characteristic details give the house a lovely appearance. The playhouse has several windows and even 2 doors all around. The playhouse is supplied with a choice of slides:

  • Apple green

  • Green

  • Red

  • Anthracite

The wooden playhouse is made from treated, weatherproof timber with a thickness of 12 mm. The house has a weatherboard roof which can be felted, and the extension has roofing felt.

Complete your wooden Butterfly XL wooden playhouse with our range of accessories such as a letterbox and a bell (accessories shown are not included).

Product Specification

  • Material: Wood

  • Ground level: On legs

  • Platform height: 90 cm

Wooden playhouse Madrid with slide

Product Description

Looking for a grand wooden playhouse which would make an ideal treehouse for big adventures and the ultimate platform which can be adapted to incorporate climbing wall holds for access, monkey bars or a den beneath? The Madrid is for you.


This playhouse is designed with a spacious design. Made from treated, weatherproof pine, the pointed roof provides a natural look and turns this playhouse almost into a home! What makes this house even nicer is that it even has an attic with dormer windows!

  • Two dormer windows

  • Four fixed windows with safe plexiglass

  • 2 shutters at the windows that can be opened and closed.

  • Flower boxes

  • Floor

  • Slide (240cm - optional colours) and roofing felt.

Product Specification

  • Material: Wood

  • Ground level: On legs

  • Platform height: 120 cm

  • Slide: Yes

Prices (supplied and installed)

Freestanding from £2999

Treehouse from £4199

Prices (supplied and installed)

Freestanding from £2299

Treehouse from £2999

Wooden treehouse Saloon

Product Description

The playhouse comes with a single door, veranda, floor, 3 windows and 2 flower boxes and provides lots of fun and potential for western themed adventures for children.

  • The doors and windows, one of which with synthetic glass, bring a lot of light into the interior of this children's treehouse.

  • This playhouse with its two-part door offers your children unique experiences within their own four walls.

  • Includes a veranda, shutters and flower boxes.

  • Stable construction.

  • Pressure-impregnated, weather-resistant treated profiled wood.​

Product Specification

  • Length: 169 cm

  • Width: 183.2 cm

  • Height: 176.4 cm

  • Material: Wood

Bold typography in black and white with the words "Never Stop Exploring" representing a desire to explore more with a treehouse or wendyhouse.

No tree? No problem! We're not just builders; we're dream architects...

...who elevate your child's castle on wooden stilts and a raised platform. 

We take the familiar wooden playhouse you know and love, infusing it with a dose of awe-inspiring elevation. Picture this – beneath your child's elevated retreat, a world of possibilities unfolds. We can incorporate storage or log sheds, secret dens, rope swings, and climbing walls seamlessly integrate into the surrounding space, creating a holistic play environment.

Wooden treehouse Funny L

Product Description

We take the fun Wooden Playhouse 'Funny L' and elevate it amongst your tree. The Funny L makes for a sturdy treehouse and can be modified to extend he adventure beyond its footprint with with several fun accessories including slides, swings, bells and binoculars.

  • Sturdy fencing / balustrade.

  • Stair steps are notched for stable and safe access.

  • 2 half doors with safe closures (finger trap protection).

  • 1 side wall has a window frame with shutters (finger trap protection).

  • The front wall includes a window with rods and is equipped with safe plexiglass.

  • Flower box on the side.

  • The roof is finished all around with slats.

  • The wood is treated for durability.

  • Dimensions: L178 x W168 x H213 cm (including stairs as shown).

  • Accessories shown in the images are not included as standard.

Product Specification

  • Length: 178 cm

  • Width: 168.6 cm

  • Height: 213.5 cm

  • Platform Height: 60 cm

  • Material: Wood