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Treehouse and Den Accessories

We believe that every treehouse or den should be a unique and unforgettable experience for children.


That's why we offer accessories that can extend play time, create unforgettable adventures, and add a touch of creativity to your treehouse experience.

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With our line of fun and innovative accessories, you can customize your treehouse... any way that suits the theme of your adventure

We understand the importance of creating an engaging and immersive play environment for children. Our custom-built treehouses are designed to spark their imagination, providing them with a space to play, relax, and create lasting memories. We seamlessly integrate storage sheds, log sheds, secret dens, rope swings, and climbing walls into our designs. Contact us today to make your child's dream treehouse a reality!

Our treehouse  accessories

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Climbing Walls and holds

Safe and thrilling, our climbing walls make getting to your tree house an adventure in itself.

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Swings and Ropes

No tree house is complete without a swing! Rediscover the joy of soaring through the air.

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Slides and Fixings

Check the coast is clear with binoculars and take the quick way down with our sleek and safe slides.

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Rope Bridges

What better way to access your tree house than via a rope bridge. 

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Why not jazz up your treehouse with additional toys such as a ships wheel, telescope or a phone. Making that fun go even further. 

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Accessories For All Kinds Of Adventures

Bespoke Spaces Created Beneath

Extend Play With Climbing Walls and Ropes

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