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Elevating childhood dreams

Taking traditional Wooden Playhouses and turning them into adventurous Treehouses.



​Re-thinking Treehouse builds across the UK

Have you ever considered purchasing a wooden playhouse only to question if your children will quickly outgrow or get tired of it?

Or have you considered a bespoke treehouse only to be met with costs that would swiftly deplete the piggy bank?

Well, at Evoke Tree Houses, ​we want to do something about that. We've always been adventurous, daring and bold and we truly believe in creating playful, imaginative spaces that encourage adventure, inspire exploration, build confidence, and an inquisitive connection with nature.

We’re not just rethinking treehouses; we believe every child deserves the right to exploration and creativity without breaking the bank. Bespoke treehouses often come with a hefty price tag, soaring upwards of £20,000. We're here to rewrite that narrative, offering the same sense of wonder at a fraction of the cost.

Wide shot of an Evoke Treehouse constructed in a silver birch tree with balcony. Photo taken at disk with the treehouse lit up by fairy lights.
A bold graphic in black and white with the words "Time for Adventure" to symbolise Evoke Treehouses commitment to adventurous desgins

We've elevated the humble, traditional wooden playhouse to heights only our wildest childhood desires could imagine...

...Let adventurous minds conquer your garden, not your bank balance

That's why we've mastered the art of turning traditional playhouses into extraordinary treehouse escapes, creating magical spaces where adventure knows no bounds. 


We’re on a mission to craft your children's dreams, forge lasting memories, unleash their creativity, and help them connect with the natural world, all while evoking those cherished moments from our own youthful days.

We Supply Affordable Wooden Playhouses 

Made from FSC-certified Wood Products

And Turn Them Into Adventurous Treehouses

Our Treehouse Services

Treehouse in a private garden, constructed around a silver birch tree with kids enjoying playing in it.
A handcarafted wooden structure fitted with rock climbing holds and attached to a treehouse to provide an adventurous point of access.

Got that perfect tree in your garden crying out for a treehouse? Let us bring those dreams and adventures to life.

Are you without a tree? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with a freestanding treehouses.

Treehouse Accessories

Extend the play beyond your treehouse with a range of adventurous accessories.

Never Stop Exploring.jpg

No tree? No problem! We're not just builders; we're dream architects...

...who elevate your child's castle on wooden stilts and a raised platform. 

We take the familiar wooden playhouse you know and love, infusing it with a dose of awe-inspiring elevation. Picture this – beneath your child's elevated retreat, a world of possibilities unfolds. We can incorporate storage or log sheds, secret dens, rope swings, and climbing walls seamlessly integrate into the surrounding space, creating a holistic play environment.

Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows on a Treehouse.

The Treehouse Process


Take A Look At Our Range

Have you got the perfect tree in mind? If so, we've probably got the perfect wooden playhouse which we can re-imagine into a treehouse. Remember, this is your adventurous play space, make it your own with accessories.

Our commitment to affordable adventure and imaginative playhouses means we only supply a limited range to suit a range of budgets. Erecting these in trees is what sets us apart from the rest. These can be customised to a degree and we offer a range of accessories for your new treehouse.

Take a look at our range to get all the information you need on each playhouse, along with an indication of the cost. We're happy to answer any questions you may have - don't be shy, we're a friendly bunch!


We'll Arrange a Free Consultation

Complete our quick and easy form and we will give you a call to initially discuss your treehouse project and then we'll arrange a free visit to your location or video call to ensure your vision can be achieved.

We prefer an in-person visit as this really provides us with an opportunity to meet you, your family and get a feel for your home, garden and the trees.

This is where  adventures begin. We will have a chat about your requirements and the wooden playhouse you like, your ideas, who the treehouse is for (adults can enjoy them just as much as kids) and other questions you may have about the build or the care and attention we give to your trees.

We want to make every treehouse unique so if you would like to discuss accessories, paint or custom artwork, just let us know. 


You Enjoy Your New Treehouse

Once your order is in place, accessories and budget agreed, its time to build. At this point we set a build date and take a 50% non-refundable deposit. This secures your treehouse, and ensures we have your commitment.

We will contact you a few days prior to the build date so we can finalise times, access, parking etc.

Once we have finished your treehouse and before you and your family embark on a new adventure, we will take you round and show you our work. We will highlight any key points or information you may need.


We will leave your garden/property clean and tidy, take a few snaps and leave you to enjoy your new treehouse with the family. 

A bold graphic in black and white with the words "Live For Adventure" which is the mission of Evoke Treehouses.

Our Happy Customers

Join others in redefining traditional playtime. Let's elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary, one treehouse at a time. At Evoke Treehouses the fun, adventure, and daring spirit never touch the ground. Our team is committed to giving you an awesome result, and we will not stop until you are 100% satisfied with the finished product.

"Evoke tree houses were great from the outset. Clear communication, explained what was achievable. The guys that came to install the tree house were polite and tidy. We were sooooo happy with the outcome. The grandkids absolutely love their new treehouse”

Jane (Welwyn Garden City)

Rope Course in Summer Camp with a young boy wearing a safety helmet about to cross a rope bridge like those found on treehouses or in trees.

Adventurous Designs

Carpenter' hands, close up, depicting our commitment to bespoke and handmade treehouses.

​Bespoke and Handmade

Adventure isn't just a choice; it's our DNA. We're not your average treehouse builders; we're a squad of seasoned Tree Surgeons in Welwyn Garden City – or big kids with a passion for making the seemingly straightforward reimagination of wooden playhouse, possible.

From climbing trees to creating adventurous spaces, our team are on this mission to echo the daring spirit of our own inner adventurers.

It's not just the sawdust in our hair; it's our ability to blend the expertise needed to erect a playhouse in a tree, with a deep understanding of the biology and mechanics of trees. This means we can ensure harmonious coexistence between your tree and the treehouse we're about to create. Because what's a treehouse if it's not designed to stand the test of time, becoming a cherished haven for generations?

​No project is too big or small for us, and we are always up for a challenge. We are fuelled by the thrill of taking a traditional playhouse and turning it into a treehouse and adventurous area that not only meet but surpass your every expectation.

Our passion for creating unique, innovative structures has led us to branch out (pun intended!) into other fun projects, from play areas to exciting adventure equipment.

The first step! Meet your family and discuss the types of wooden playhouses and accessories we supply, and how we'll construct this in your trees or on a bespoke, raised platform for the little and big kids of the house.​​

We use materials from sustainable sources and plan well to minimise our waste.

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